Sign up your organisation with DataLinker to Join our Data Goups and to be involved in conversations around the set up of Schemas to make sure they meet your organisations needs. All Registered organisations can collaborate with each other via our DataGroups and invite members to join your organisation to participate in the conversations

Providers – identify what data sets (types of data) you’re able to share. There is no need to identify which farms or disclose any private information – just the type of data you’re willing to make available. Specify licence conditions which protect both your rights and those of your Farmers.

Consumers – specify the data you want to receive and agree with the licence conditions on offer from data provider.

DataLinker matches providers with consumers to enable secure sharing between multiple parties

DataLinker delivers:

Technical protocols to allow farmers to authorise data sharing (using modern industry-standard approaches.

Schemas that define a related set of data and which can be implemented by all organisations wanting to share that set of data, avoiding many different one to one connections for the same sort of data.

Simplified, automated licence negotiation so that organisations providing data can select the terms under which it is provided (for instance, avoid re-publishing), and organisations consuming data can select what licences they will accept and only receive data where they match.