Registration Process

Talk to Us First

You can register directly from this website, but talk to us first so that you can plan and prepare to use DataLinker effectively. We'll provide you with access to the Technical Specification, Licence template, Terms of Use and other reference tools.

Planning and Preparation

What data will I make available / receive? Will I be both a Provider and Consumer of data, or just one of these?What changes do I need to make to my systems to meet the DataLinker protocols?
Are there schema already in place for these datasets? What reference material is in place to support these changes?
What licence terms would I apply (or accept) for these datasets?How will I design these changes in the context of our strategic IT direction?
What organisations are registered with DataLinker? Who else would I want to share data with?When will I make these changes?
What data schemas will we provide via an API? What data do we plan to receive?


Your systems need to comply with the Data Linker protocols set out in the Technical Specification. 

Our example user stories will get you started. Reference Provider and Consumer components in format are available as a guide or for re-use.

Our team has supported others through this process, and will work closely with you to get your system aligned. Then you’ll be ready to register.


Register from the link on our website. Refer to our User Guide if you get stuck.

We recommend that your System Administrator takes responsibility for registration.

Before you start, you should :

  • Know your Legal Officer’s / authorised signatory's name and email address
  • Read DataLinker’s Terms of Use 
  • Know if you are registering a Provider Service, a Consumer Application, or both
  • Establish connection endpoints for each of your services 
  • Decide what schema you will provide or receive 
  • Decide, for each schema, what licence terms you will offer or accept  – as agreed with your Legal Officer