Licence Agreements

Data Linker makes data sharing across the primary sector as simple as possible, including streamlining the way in which a data sharing Licence Agreement is negotiated and executed.

Licence Template - Build Your Own

Use our simple but legally robust Licence Agreement template which allows you to customise the terms and conditions that are acceptable. (We recommend that your DataLinker technical administrator has already discussed the licence options with your Legal Officer before registration).

Each data schema prompts you to register the licence terms under which you’re willing to provide or receive that data. You can choose different licence terms for different schema, to recognise the particular value or sensitivity of each dataset.


Licence Execution

Your Legal Officer is emailed a draft Licence Agreement when a new schema and licence terms are registered. The email contains a link to a DataLinker approval page. 

Once legally approved, you choose when to activate that in DataLinker (i.e. make it live and available for other DataLinker users to contract with you).

That’s the manual part completed, and the systems manage the rest.

DataLinker sends Consumers two key pieces of information:

  • a digitally encrypted ‘software statement’ which verifies the Consumer’s legal acceptance of licence terms for receipt of data under a schema.
  • connection endpoints for Provider systems offering data under matching terms for each schema.

A ‘Dynamic Client Registration’ is initiated by the Consumer system, which passes the software statement to the Provider system (verifying acceptance of the Provider’s licence terms).

Providers validate each software statement with DataLinker, and then can accept the Consumer as a ‘Client’.

At that point, a Licence Agreement has been executed. The Provider notifies DataLinker, and DataLinker sends a notification and Licence Agreement to each Legal Officer.

Other processes now begin to manage farmer permission and actual data transfer. These can occur instantly once a Licence Agreement has been executed.

Manage your Obligations

Data Consumers must manage imported data in accordance with the licence terms that have been agreed with each Provider. Make sure that you have a robust technical process for logging, tagging and managing data so that you comply with DataLinker's Terms of Use and the terms of each Licence Agreement.

Data Providers must implement an API to provide data in line with a schema prior to registration. Providers have reporting commitments to DataLinker detailed in the Terms of Use.